New (ish) Camera: Yay!

Hey, guys and gals!I am super excited to share with you,

I am super excited to share with you, that I managed to snag an,

Olympus D-750 for £20 GBP!

On gumtree!

Used but in mint condition, tried it out images are super crisp in my opinion,

I can’t wait to snap new photos for the blog!

I mean come on a 16mp camera for £20 that in my book my friends is quite the deal also in mint condition so safe to say my images will improve by a heck load!

Pictures to follow

x J x

Trying to be ecofriendly

Hey guys and gals,

I hope you’re all well!

I have been quiet as I have been working 🙂


I have some cool stuff to add to the blog!

I went shopping for some new seeds and such so will be showing you my balcony garden patch on a weekly update

Didn’t she do this last time?

Yes I did and it went belly up, so I scrapped the project and thought I’d try it again due to having a little more time on my hands!

So I have them all germinating at the moment, sorted them all in their little zip lock bags inside wool and a pillow case inside a propagator as it is chilly in Scotland even though we’re getting plenty of sun!

If you fancy having a wee gardening project with me head on over here and join in the fun!

Catch 22

Catch 22-

Heya guys and gals!

Have you ever been in a catch 22 situation?

What do I mean you ask? 

I’m really glad you asked that! Well a catch 22 refers for me: To a situation like a job interview; where an interviewer is looking for someone with experience. Yet they do not have the said experience, which in turn means if an employer does not employ them they do not gain the crucial experience that they need to be successful in an interview.

Where did you find the inspiration for this topic?

I got the inspiration to write this from the constant struggle people in unemployment face on the job front. Myself and many of you will know the struggle I am talking about.

Don’t you think this topic is boring?

Yes, I definitely do, but I still think it’s worth a chance to get it out there and talk about it.

What’s your experience with a catch 22?

Well I don’t know about you guys, but I seldom, very seldom find an employer out there willing to let the experience slide and give you a trial to show what you[can] do in the job in question, instead all they seem to care about is what you have done in the past!

I once read somewhere that the cells in our bodies renew completely in 7 years, which means every 7 years we are a completely different person. So why can’t that apply to our experience, knowledge and what we bring to the table. I can tell you right now, I am nothing like my former self of 7 years ago. I have since then grown up a hell of a lot, gained new skills, completed opportunities and overall become a better person.


Even though I have changed, not much has changed on the job front. Why is highly frustrating, because I know in my mind that I can do the work of the person who has the previous experience, and no I don’t have any relevant qualifications but I do have relevant life experience that can be applied to most jobs. I learn something new every, and I do mean every day, and if you can tell me you don’t then I suggest you start. You should never stop further bettering yourself regardless of where you are, and what you’re doing in life!

I do have qualifications but they are not relevant.

Why don’t you get some then?

If I could I would, life is hard and expensive! I would love to go do the training I want, but I would rather find employment where I can learn as I work!

Let’s talk about interviews.

I hate interviews, mostly because they make me feel so uncomfortable, but even more so because I don’t like lying to people and I’m afraid that is what a job interview is unless you can find some common ground with an employer – which is very hard to come by! I mean why can’t all employers be more human! The Cylons have not arrived yet so stop trying to be one!

Why do you have gaps in your resume

I really need to pinch myself when this comes up or I nearly kill myself laughing uncontrollably. I have gaps in my resume because no one will hire me because I have no experience!

Oh Yeah I can see that but why?

Because I have no relevant experience!

Oh I see, What about your skills?

My skills, geez I could go into overdrive meticulously explaining all my skills, that are of no relevance because they are not certified.


That does not mean that from the time I finished college until now I have sat at home on my butt marathoning Vampire diaries all day ( see what I done there, yeah that’s what I’m talking about haha)

I have gained most of my life experience and knowledge via free videos, webinars and blogs full of great information and it really drives me nuts that unless it’s certified it’s of no use! I have looked after and cared for my family, I have taught myself how to code with html, I taught myself about psychology and taught myself how to use computers and their programs, I have taught myself how to use Microsoft suites. I taught myself about emails, the web, how to source information, how to write essays, how to blog ( may be debatable haha),  how to research.

In my personal life I have learned daft skills like how to groom my dog, how to care for guinea pigs, how to cook, how to use an oven, how to meal prep, how to deal with my anxiety and depression without meds – which for me was a huge positive. BUT don’t get your back up! I know this is not an option for everyone so please do not take offence, I will not and have never judged anyone from their struggles and path in life. The way I see it is we are all striving to be better, some people just need some extra time to get there and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

What is your dream job and why?

My dream job right now would be a Personal/ Virtual Assistant position because I think it would be continually challenging! No day would be the same, I myself love computers and databases haha I know it’s not for everyone but I have always enjoyed that kind of thing ever since completing my first Microsoft excel spreadsheet first week of high school!

You nerd

Yes I am a true nerd at heart if you want to label me! haha

Do you know how hard it is to change your career path?

The answer is hell yes I do, but if it was easy would it be worth doing? I know that this will be a constantly challenging and changing job front which I am totally down with! I’m sick of being stripped down to “You are not suitable” Instead I want to be successful and to do that I’m going to need to work my butt off!


I found ‘Upwork’ where I created an online profile in the hopes of finding some freelance work, to (catch-22) get some experience to get me a foot in the door! because I am sorry but there are only so many lazy, jamma days and tv show marathon days before you bore yourself to death and I need to challenge myself in life!

Why wait until now?

I think I have waited this long because I guess I let my social anxiety control and take over my life and this will be one of the first steps in reclaiming my life back to live as I see fit!

It will be hard; but so is life and at some point you’ve just gotta put your big girl panties on and dance in your underwear ( browny points will be awarded if you get the reference)

I deserve to be happy

I deserve to live; and on my terms!

With love,

x J x







Mental health: Anxiety & Depression

Have you ever been in a situation or obligation that you can’t get out of? And don’t quite know how to navigate your way back to dry land?

You have? Well thank God I’m not the only one! Phew!

I have recently realised that I always and I mean always get hung up on the little things in life that don’t matter.

Growing up it was drilled into me that if I could aspire to do something, if I put my mind to it then I would achieve my goal. Bearing in mind it’s not some New Year’s Resolution we’re talking about here. That we mostly end up disappointing ourselves with in the end. I’m talking about some serious life choices shit right here!

I now think it’s about high time I woke the fuck up, wrestled my big girl panties on and done something about it!

Why you ask?

I let my anxiety and depression rule my life, to a point where I actually hate my life at the moment.

Cue the tiny violins *smh*

I let it rule my life so much that I have to seriously ask myself if :

  • I really need to leave the house today, or can it wait.
  • I need to weigh up the options of whether I can wait for that idem of shopping that just came to my attention.
  • I need to convince myself that every one giggling and looking in my direction has nothing to do with me

*take hat off to paranoia*

  • I need to ignore that feeling in my stomach that rises up when I think of all the things that could happen while I am out of the house.

So after exhausting myself before even getting ready in the morning I have already decided that today I will stay indoors.

Anxiety and depression some of the most debilitating illnesses out there.

It keeps me from :

  • feeling confident in myself.
  • being successful in an interview
  • finding a job and working
  • socialising and connecting with people.

Which keeps me isolated from the approximately 7,500,000,000 other people on the planet.

There comes a point in your life when you think fuck it! I want to live my life not waste it!

Why am I writing this post?

First and foremost to raise awareness for mental health and people who battle with their mental health issues.

Also so that anyone reading this post, knows that they are not suffering alone! I urge you to hang on in there and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

*smh – cheesy but it works!*

Or maybe you know someone who is struggling and you’ve tried to help but they’ve pushed you away, please be kind and keep supporting them, we don’t always see when someone is being kind if we’re too far down the rabbit hole. In time they will come to you and when they do, I hope that you will be there for them.

Mental health is a tricky little bugger of a problem. People who suffer from mental health sometimes don’t actually know what it is they need that can help them, and people who have never dealt with mental health issues may not understand what it is that you are going through.

So try explaining and if still uncertain.

Take a breathe and try again.

You can’t expect to fix your mental health issues in a day.

You have mental health problems because something happened and you didn’t know how to deal with it and in turn corrupted your way of processing things.

In order to repair it’s going to take time, you will feel uncomfortable at times, but that’s a price your going to have to deal with in order to get better.

*here’s that god awful medicine you took as a kid – but you got through it!*

Perspective is everything!

After contemplating my life choices I decided it was hide time I made a change,

I hate my life as is, so a new challenge is called for.

I’m hoping a change in career will get my ass in gear maybe get my life back on track!

What about you, what is your next challenge?

Let me know in the comments!

Before I sign off…

I will reiterate if you or someone you know is battling with mental health issues, be patient,and understanding.It took me 4 years to realise I was wasting my life, that’s 4 years I can never get back.

Don’t get stuck in the past!

Live your life

Don’t let your illness take over

Be the light of life you were always meant to be!

Until next time

x J x

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