Crochet projects!

Hey guys and gals!

Hope you are all well,

I’ve been trying a new green apple & ginger smoothie lately and feeling a bit better during the day,

so here is the link if you want to give it a try.

Anyway I have an abundance of wool and need some quirky projects so if you know of any from amigurumi to just odd little patterns let me know,

Also any pattern writers that need their pattern tested I’d be up for that too!

I finished another sleepy bear teddy, I absolutely love making these there just sooo darn cute!


An update on the dragon scale bag I am making,

I decided to go rogue added rows in etc so I need more of that specific wool to finish it, I also decided I will make it a handbag and perhaps line the inside of the bag and add some buttons or a zip or something.

But for now that’s all I look forward to any suggestions!

take care,

x J x


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