Nosy wee thing aren’t you!

Heya! Welcome to bitchin beautician!

Do you consider yourself to be a social aberration? Or someone whom doesn’t quite seem to belong? Do you enjoy arbitrary media? Do you like to create things?

Well hell look no further!

Have you ever felt like you belong nowhere?

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What sort of things should you expect from the blog you ask?

Well, I’m glad that came up, I hope to fill this corner of the web with all things aberration and divergent. This could include articles, stories, day-to-day life, discoveries, crafting, media, advice, Q & A’s, food and recipes. Which means all things arbitrary!

Who am I?

I my friend am the most optimistically pessimistic person you will ever find!

I am over-excitable, energetic, funny, caring, curious individual who loves to learn and discover new things and in doing so would love to share my experiences with you.

I spent two years at college in County Durham learning the art of beauty therapy.

Since then I have taught myself how to crochet with the help of online how-to videos from the many wonderful teachers on YouTube.

I love to draw and write, I am an avid TV & Movie fanatic.

I love doing puzzles and playing games, but my biggest love of all time it to LEARN.

Yes you read that correctly. I love to learn whether it be skills or a new language or a new word.

In my opinion why only half ass your life away when we live in such a multicultural candy store?

I live in a flat with my younger brother and our dog – Trixi and two guinea pigs – Albus and Moony.

As you can probably tell I am quite the geek, from anime, to fantasy and gaming.

How did I get started?

Well geez, way back in 1992, a mummy and daddy got freaky! geez I’m kidding well sort of…… I’m getting off topic here!

Anyway…..I thought we could create an online outlet for all things creatively connected……whether it be art or design or crafting or writing, or media you name it!

So even though the blog has been here for a while, I feng shui (ed) the shit out of it so we can chisel a new dynamic for our online community!

Why should you stick around?

I think if you have gotten this far I don’t think I need to answer that, but just incase!

You should stick around and be part of this amazing web of arbitrary collective!

I have scoured the net for a blog that has a perfect balance of arbitrary and seriousness as this is really important to me and you I hope we can shape this online community together!

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